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Is Homelessness New York’s Number One Issue?

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IMG_3837 Organizations rally for affordable housing for all in the City “What?” “Affordable housing!” “When?” “Now!” That was the rallying cry last Friday as volunteers from Habitat for Humanity New York City, the Interfaith Assembly on Housing and Homelessness, mayoral candidates and representatives from a variety of other organizations gathered on the front steps of City [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: Mandated Phys Ed, MLK Knights Honored, Parking Ticket Increase

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dodge MLK Knights Honored On Feb. 6, Councilwoman Gale Brewer honored the Martin Luther King High School Knights soccer team in a ceremony on the steps of City Hall. The varsity team won their 14th Public School Athletic League title in 17 years. The Knights finished their season with an almost perfect record of 21-1. Since [&hellip
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2013 Predictions: Two Dans Walk Into a Fortune Teller…

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garodnick-200x300 We asked Upper East Side Council Member Dan Garodnick and Assembly Member Dan Quart to give us their 2013 predictions. What’s going to be the biggest news story to come out of your district in 2013? Garodnick: Dan Garodnick will kiss every baby in Council District 4 in support of his reelection bid. Quart: As [&hellip
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More Time for Hurricane-Plagued Tenants

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The city’s eviction moratorium was extended post-Sandy, but tenants are left hoping they’ll have enough time Last Thursday, Council Member Dan Garodnick, various legal groups and at least one New Yorker facing eviction convened on the steps of City Hall to push for an extension to the eviction moratorium that had been lifted the Monday [&hellip
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AIDS Activists Climb Flagpoles At City Hall

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IMG_0859 copy By Aaron Adler Two members of Housing Works, a New York-based healthcare and AIDS advocate group, climbed two 40 foot flagpoles at the southern end of City Hall Park in lower Manhattan on Wednesday around 10:45 a.m. The activists, wearing helmets and climbing gear, unfurled a 30 foot banner that read “HOUSING IS HEALTHCARE: HOUSE [&hellip
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Free Vibrators Shut Down by City Hall Yesterday, Back in Action Today

Written by NYPress on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown, Sex & Relationships

trojan-condoms By Paul Bisceglio   Downtown was buzzing with excitement yesterday for the prospect of free vibrators. Trojan announced that it would be distributing 10,000 Tri-Phoria and The Pulse devices — $40 and $30 retail values, respectively! — from two hot dog carts in different neighborhoods throughout the day, so New Yorkers lined the streets of [&hellip
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Opponents to Approved N.Y.U. Expansion Plan Tossed out of City Hall, Considering Next Step

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nyu By Paul Bisceglio   “Chin and Quinn did us in!” jeered over 50 opponents to New York University’s expansion plan from a balcony overlooking City Council’s chamber. “Shame on you!” Greenwich Village residents, community activists and N.Y.U. professors filled the chamber to capacity yesterday to witness the full City Council’s final vote to approve hotly [&hellip
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Gov. Cuomo Administration Hints at Supporting Hydrofracking in Certain Municipalities

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Fracking explained. Illustration courtesy of Wiki Commons. The Cuomo administration has hinted it may allow hydrofracking to move forward only in municipalities that express support for the procedure, and this week Gov. Andrew Cuomo explicitly said that “home rule” should be a factor in deciding where to allow it. But the technology is such that drilling for natural gas in some locations [&hellip
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Column: Are City Council Hearings Better Than Broadway?

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There’s no “behind the scenes” of a City Council hearing, particularly one as contentious and impassioned as the recent hearing on NYU’s proposed expansion. Indeed the spectacle unfolded without pretense. (by Alissa Fleck) Last week at 8 a.m. on the morning of the hearing, plan opponents clutching massive, colorful banners flooded the City Hall steps [&hellip
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