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Save After-School Programs

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Childcare Cuts 2 Leaders and students from Upper East Side after-school programs rally to keep them off the budget chopping block “Invest in us; we’ll rise to the top. Give us a little, we’ll grow a lot!” This was the rally cry of the 700 children and after-school advocates that attended the March 28th rally outside City Hall [&hellip
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Bloomberg Outlines City Budget As Fight With UFT Continues

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400px-Mayor_Michael_Bloomberg Mayor’s funding priorities leave him open to strong criticism on education By Nick Powell Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlined his preliminary budget for fiscal year 2014 last Tuesday, emphasizing that the budget will be balanced without any tax increases. But what stood out was the glaring loss of $724 million in state education funding over the [&hellip
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At a Standstill: Budget Cuts Have Brought New York’s Court System to a Crawl

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The New York civil court system is supposed to serve as an integral resource for residents seeking access to justice. But a slew of recent cuts, combined with an influx of cases in some courts, has significantly slowed the wheels of justice in the city, and attorneys, advocates, judges and court staff say that it’s [&hellip
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