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Moves Like Morton

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jazz Marcus Roberts sets his own rules Jazz musicians pushing beyond the standard deviations advance the art form, and pianist Marcus Roberts stands out among many excellent current keyboard players with a thrust all his own. Performing the 1920s classics of Jelly Roll Morton faithfully yet also revised at Jazz at Lincoln Center May 11 and [&hellip
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All Along the Lines

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Alonzo_King Alonzo King’s Ballet at the Joyce BY VALERIE GLADSTONE When Alonzo King established LINES Ballet in 1982 in San Francisco, few believed he could maintain a new company in the city where the San Francisco Ballet had long captured the area’s ballet audience. Moreover, King did not conform to the typical ballet artistic director—he grew up [&hellip
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Skin Storm

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Met_Image By Mona Molarsky Do women have to be naked to get into the museum? The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest photo show suggests that—in 2012—the Guerilla Girls are still on target. Naked Before the Camera, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is presented as the history of the nude in photography, from the medium’s inception in [&hellip
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Pavlov’s Franchise

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Avengers The Delusion of Marvel’s The Avengers Previous Marvel Comics superhero movies such as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor were like roughly cut puzzle pieces that looked odd and unfinished by themselves—pretend movies derived from already established brands. Most of them, particularly Jon Favreau’s dung-colored Iron Man, were poorly directed. Now, fitted together in [&hellip
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Yuja on Fire

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Yuja_Wamg And a visit by a venerable quartet By Jay Nordlinger For several years, we have called Yuja Wang a wunderkind, a phenom, a sensation. For how long can we keep talking that way? She’s 25 now. I figure we can continue for a couple more years. Most recently in New York, she played Prokofiev’s Piano [&hellip
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I Come to Praise

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Anna Liceica and The Joffrey Survive I want to give high praise to ex-American Ballet Theater soloist Anna Liceica, now a member of Ballet Verité, who danced recently month at a concert honoring Levi HaLevi. He was a rabbi and civil rights activist who was the father-in-law of Verité choreographer Seth Gertsacov. In Manhattan Movement [&hellip
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Life-Long Extensions

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Sylvie Guillem stretches out By Joel Lobenthal Even Sylvie Guillem’s not doing it anymore, so ballerinas everywhere can just put their legs down (a bit)—can’t they? That was one takeaway from Guillem’s concert at the Koch theater early this month, presented by the Joyce Theater Foundation. Now 47, Guillem put her pointe shoes back on [&hellip
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Imelda’s Dancing Shoes

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David Byrne mythifies Marcos in ‘Here Lies Love’ By Ben Kessler The ambivalence provoked by women who wield power is reflected in the current photo-manipulation meme “Texts From Hillary,” in which a half-scowling secretary of state, peering dismissively down at her BlackBerry through sunglasses, fires scathing bits of digital wit at supplicants including Joe Biden, [&hellip
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Mad Mania

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“Smart” TV and the Gray Flannel Ego By Ben Kessler Mad Men, like The Sopranos and The Wire before it, now enjoys a singular cultural status. Neither pop nor art, it is smart TV. And smart TV, we’re told, is not for analysis or even entertainment; it is to be dutifully let into our lives, [&hellip
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Choreographers in the Classroom

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Teaching What You Love by Valeria Gladstone “The connection between teacher and student creates a bond,” says Jason Samuels Smith, who like most choreographers teaches locally at studios and colleges as well as on tour, “strengthening the dance tradition and building upon it with each generation’s input and style.” There may be no better way [&hellip
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