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Eyes Of The City Council

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Speaker Quinn hugs Patricia Smith, daughter of Police Officer Moira Smith, who was killed on 9/11. Madison Square Park playground was renamed in honor of the fallen officer. Photo Credit: William Alatriste Photographer William Alatriste sees the City Council in a different light Photographing a politician behind a podium can be about as exciting as watching paint dry. Which is why the City Council’s official photographer, William Alatriste, tries to avoid those shots at all costs. “Propaganda—I don’t do that,” Alatriste says. Alatriste started out at the [&hellip
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Could Prisons Factor Into Redistricting?

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By Chris Bragg A memo being circulated by Todd Breitbart, a Democratic redistricting attorney expert who has worked closely with the Senate Democrats, states that the proposed redistricting constitutional amendment released late last night would bring back prison-based gerrymandering. In 2010, the practice, which had counted prison inmates in the largely upstate communities where they [&hellip
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West Sider Tapped to Head Fraud Unit

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FW-Schneiderman5535(as) President Barack Obama has proven willing to do something Gov. Andrew Cuomo has so far been reluctant to do: give Attorney General Eric Schneiderman more investigatory powers. The president recently tapped the West Sider to co-chair a new joint mortgage fraud investigation unit, giving him access to more resources and more ground troops to go [&hellip
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