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BOMB Celebrates Its 31st at Capitale

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Last night, art and literary magazine BOMB celebrated its 31st anniversary with a gala celebration and silent auction. Marina Abramovich chatted with Michael Stipe and Agnes Gund and Cindy Sherman gave hellos around the room as other art world luminaries mingled throughout the space.  Art hung on the walls and sculptures–a piece of cheese, a [&hellip
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Petty, Human and Perfect: Sherman, Rembrandt and Degas in Portrait

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By Mario Naves What would art be without fiction—that is to say, without the allusive sweep of metaphor? Literature, music, painting, poetry, dance, film—you name it, every medium thrives when it embodies something beyond its material means. “Art that conceals art” is old news, of course, but that’s not to say it isn’t desirable or, [&hellip
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