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Tribeca Film’s Unveils Keanu Reeves Doc About the Effects of the Digital Revolution on Cinema

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Movie theater. Photo by Fin Fahey. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Technological advances have always driven major changes in the art of film making, from the coming of sound to the development of computer animation. But could the digital age render film itself irrelevant? Tribeca Film is tackling this question through a series online of video clips exploring the new documentary Side by Side. The documentary, [&hellip
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Christopher Nolan’s two-and-a-half hour hackery By Armond White Christopher Nolan doesn’t have a born filmmaker’s natural gift for detail, composition and movement, but on the evidence of his fussily constructed mind-game movies Following, Memento, Insomnia and the new Inception, he’s definitely a born con artist. Who else could rook Warner Bros. out of $200 million [&hellip
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