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City Cracks Down on Illegal Hotels

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ws_illegalhotels_John Friia By John Friia City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, along with other elected officials, introduced new legislation last week that would crack down on illegal hotels operating throughout the city by increasing fines. Owners of residential buildings have been converting their properties into illegal hotels, by renting rooms and apartments to tourists at lower prices than [&hellip
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Heat Waves, Rain Storms, Flooding, Oh My! City Council Tackles Climate Change

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Photo by t.bo79, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. By Paul Bisceglio Notice how hot it was this summer? So did City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who pointed out in a statement that last month was the hottest ever on record. “If this isn’t a call to take action,” she said. “I don’t know what is.” City Council voted on Wednesday to expand the [&hellip
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City Council Members Plan to Launch CeaseFire Program

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There has undeniably been a spate of gun violence in New York City as of late. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilmembers Fernando Cabrera and Jumaane Williams have announced their decision to launch the CeaseFire program, with the aim to reduce city gun violence. The CeaseFire program is a  “public health model designed to reduce [&hellip
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Tracking Duane’s Career

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-Compiled by Adel Manoukian It’s impossible to fully summarize Tom Duane’s political career, which has spanned over 23 years, but we’ve identified some of the most notable moments along the way. 1989- After working as a Wall Street broker, among other professions, Tom Duane starts to volunteer for his local community board and eventually starts [&hellip
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The Race for Tom Duane’s Seat

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Tom Duane It’s been nearly two months since State Sen. Tom Duane announced that he will not seek re-election this fall, and the race for his seat in the 27th District is taking shape. Brad Hoylman, the solidly backed chair of Community Board 2, who before Duane’s announcement was seeking Christine Quinn’s City Council seat, will run [&hellip
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Full City Council Approves NYU Expansion, Promise Fight’s Just Begun

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Full City Council voted today, 44-1, to approve NYU’s modified expansion plan, despite continued community resistance. Speaker Christine Quinn called the modified plan significantly smaller than the original proposal and was satisfied with the outcome, reported WNYC. (by Alissa Fleck and Paul Bisceglio) The decrease in size from approximately 2 million square feet down to [&hellip
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Campaign Roundup: Gloria Steinem Pressures Quinn on Paid Sick Leave Bill

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Gloria Steinem via Wiki Commons. 2013 Mayoral Race Gloria Steinem is pressuring Christine Quinn on the paid sick leave bill. Bill de Blasio took in heavy donations from the taxi industry, which he has supported. And Quinn took in quite a bit from a developer that was exempted from the living wage bill. Manhattan Voting machines in the Espaillat/Rangel primary [&hellip
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East River Ferries Hit 1 Million Riders, Revealing Locals Like to Frequent the Ferry Too

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More than 1 million people have ridden East River ferries since the service began just over a year ago, Mayor Bloomberg announced today. Bloomberg said this number far exceeds ridership projections, according to the Huffington Post. Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn rode the ferry from North Williamsburg to Lower Manhattan to celebrate the [&hellip
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