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We Love Lin, But At What Cost? Is The Legacy Worth the Paycheck?

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New Houston offer makes one New Yorker wonder if Lin, despite huge fan base, is worth it It’s a bit of an odd thing to begin with— Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” legacy. How often does 25 games started, one insane week, and post-season injuries and irrelevance constitute one of the most-talked-about monikers in all of sports? [&hellip
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Cops Reach Out for Help in Chinatown Murders

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Cops are asking for help in solving the murders of two Chinatown residents, who were shot and set afire a few weeks ago. The deceased were Li Xiao Ling, 70, and Yong Hua Chen, her 36-year-old friend. Detectives have been focusing primarily on an “underground Chinatown credit system known as the ‘Hui,’‘ which has been [&hellip
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Steve Nash’s Soccer Showdown Returns to Chinatown

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Nash’s Showdown  Back Again   Don’t feel left out because the USA isn’t part of Euro Cup ’12. It’s a bit upsetting that instead of showdowns vs. European power-houses, the US is playing unexciting World Cup qualifiers vs. Antigua and Barbuda, but that doesn’t mean there’s no soccer going on here on our home turf. In [&hellip
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Chinatown Bus Crackdown: Travelers still waiting for a ride

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Car-less travelers who want a cheap ride out of the city know they can count on a plethora of Chinatown buses, which pick up riders curbside and deposit them in various cities along the coast. They may be disappointed to learn this might not be the case for much longer. In light of recent deadly [&hellip
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CB6 Head Files for Garodnick’s Seat

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FE-Mark Thompson(as) If anyone can say they understand the intricate inner workings of the city of New York, it’s Mark Thompson. He’s spent his entire career in urban planning and development, learning how cities run and grow, and now he’s hoping to parlay that knowledge into a City Council seat. Thompson has officially filed to run for [&hellip
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Inside The Secret Door: A Tour of Downtown’s Top Speakeasies

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The Back Room 1 | By Leonora Desar During Prohibition, New Yorkers drank illegally behind the unmarked doors of underground speakeasies, which over time became more visible due to an easily bribed police force. Now, 79 years later, speakeasies have made a comeback in New York City. Beginning with Sasha Petraske’s Milk and Honey, these hotspots became the rage—especially [&hellip
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350 children hold walkout at Henry Street Settlement

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Children and community members protest budget cuts to after-school programs It’s not often children have as much to lose in a political fight as their parents. But for the children of Chinatown and the Lower East Side, this rally was an important one. On Wednesday, May 10, at 4 p.m., more than 350 students in [&hellip
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New York Family: Weekend Planner, May 11-13

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This weekend’s edition of fun around town is all about the mamas. From a two-day garden party (Mr. Sun, please stay!) to workshops for all ages and stages—New York Family wishes you and yours a very delightful Mother’s Day. FRIDAY Aspiring dancers ages 6-10 should head to Chinatown’s PS 124 to audition for the prestigious [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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MargaretChin Lower East Side and Chinatown Chin Says Cuts to After-School and Daycare Programs Remain In response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s executive budget, Council Member Margaret Chin noted that while the mayor has committed to fund 2,600 teaching positions, the budget still includes cuts to daycare, after-school programs and other services in the Lower East Side [&hellip
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