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Etan Patz and Growing Up in NYC

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in Editorial, Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, West Side Spirit

The city was less safe then, but parents were also less protective  The name Etan Patz conjures up so much for so many in New York City. If you’re under 30, it is likely to draw a blank stare, but for many others it’s different, particularly if you were growing up in the city around [&hellip
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Notes on Getting Teen Students Better Organized

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Continuing Education, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, Special Sections, West Side Spirit

By Dr. Emily Levy As students progress through school, their organizational demands increase rapidly. They are required to complete lengthier assignments, take detailed notes, study for exams and transport more materials. For many students, these organizational demands can be daunting, and they often become lost and utterly disorganized in this process. Most students lack a [&hellip
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Do you know what camp you’re sending your kid to? Experts say it’s never too early to start looking. But before you do there are a few key issues to address to ensure you have a happy camper on your hands. After all, every camp is different, and it’s important to make sure the one [&hellip
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