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Downtown Real Estate Bounces Back Strong and Tight

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376px-Butterfield_House_37_West_12th_Street Low inventory is the story, market-wide By David Gibbons That the financial crisis is over and our economy is in full recovery is old news—at least from the viewpoint of several high-profile real estate insiders, all experts on the downtown market. “The word ‘recession’ is not even used in the last six to nine months,” [&hellip
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Housing Works: Good Bargains for a Good Cause

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USMC-05518 By Laura Shanahan How would you like a tall, elegant, black-glazed ceramic mug with an outsized curvy handle for only two bucks? Pretty darn good deal, eh? How about if I told you the mug had “CPW Dentistry,” along with the business’s phone number imprinted in white? Would that be a deal-breaker—or up the ante [&hellip
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Local Politicians React to State of the State

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We asked the state senators and assembly members from our neighborhoods to respond to Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State address Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his annual State of the State speech, addressing a population that had recently been shaken by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the unthinkable violence of the school [&hellip
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Resolutions for the City

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Chinatown: Stop letting the other ’hoods use me. If they don’t want to meet for dim sum during the day, then they can take their club beats elsewhere at night. And tell Nolita to quit invading my space.Photo by Christopher Schoenbohm Don’t worry about the fact that you’ve already ditched your resolutions, and focus on helping New York City’s neighborhoods keep theirs. Look at you, New York! I hardly recognize this group of non-smoking, exercising, healthy-eating and organized individuals. What happened? You used to be fun. Interesting, at least. The truth is, if everyone in New [&hellip
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The Economy’s Hurting, Storms are Raging, Contemporary Art is Doing Better Than Ever?

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Photo Courtesy of Fotopedia By Alissa Fleck The New York Times recently published an article asking “What Is Going on With Contemporary Art?” The newspaper reported last week Christie’s auction house “sold 67 works… for $412.2 million, the highest total ever achieved in the [contemporary art] field.” The priciest piece was Andy Warhol’s 1962 “Statue of Liberty” for $43.76 [&hellip
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Proposed Greenwich Village/Chelsea School Rezoning Met With Concern

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Greenwich Village Chelsea Rezoning  Map 100912 By Alissa Fleck Representatives from the Department of Education (DOE), the Community Education Council District 2 (CEC) and community members convened on Oct. 9 to discuss a proposed school district rezoning for Greenwich Village/Chelsea and Midtown East. The proposed Greenwich Village/Chelsea rezoning map, available on the CEC’s website, impacts current PS zones 3, 11, 41 [&hellip
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Chelsea Market Upzoning Passes City Planning Commission, Moves to City Council

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The City Planning Commission voted today to approve an amended proposition by Jamestown Properties to upzone Chelsea Market. This plan allows for new structures to be built atop the 9th and 10th Ave ends of the complex, a modification zoning regulations currently prohibit, according to a statement by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation [&hellip
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New York City Dogs to Enjoy Classier Living Arrangements in Chelsea at “Pet Hotel”

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By Alissa Fleck What do dogs need in order to thrive while their human companions are away? Opinions may vary on the subject—between minimalists and pet pamperers—but D Pet Hotels, soon to arrive in Chelsea, has luxury down. They can guarantee your pet won’t miss you too much while you’re away. The luxury pet hotel [&hellip
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