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Celebrity State of Mind

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celeb_1 Could downtown’s A-list set really be so…normal? By Leonora Desar Alec Baldwin is on top of the world, perched high above the deserted city on the rooftop of an exclusive nightclub just before the break of dawn. “Hand that back,” he says to Mary-Kate Olsen—or is it Ashley?—who snatches Baldwin’s cell phone away before sinking [&hellip
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Woman with Fondness for Our Town Downtown Newsboxes Becomes Reddit Fixture

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picklelady_4 A user on the popular message board Reddit posted this picture of a woman who knocked over an Our Town Downtown newsstand in an effort to eat her pickle comfortably. The woman, whose identity remains unknown, has been spotted by posters throughout Manhattan. Several posters report that she is a regular of the Bowery area. [&hellip
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