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Sports Geek and The Shameful Debate: Who’s Better, The Dream Team or 2012’s Club?

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One NY Press writer dives into the much-hated question by Nick Gallinelli Many sportswriters and fans would scoff at my mention of this. In fact, most of them would probably lose respect for me and tease me until I cried. ‘Which team had Michael Jordan?’ is what most of them would say, and that’d probably [&hellip
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We Love Lin, But At What Cost? Is The Legacy Worth the Paycheck?

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New Houston offer makes one New Yorker wonder if Lin, despite huge fan base, is worth it It’s a bit of an odd thing to begin with— Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” legacy. How often does 25 games started, one insane week, and post-season injuries and irrelevance constitute one of the most-talked-about monikers in all of sports? [&hellip
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