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I love you, I hate you, call me

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iStock_000001207968Small How one’s relationship with caregivers early in life impacts later behavior By Kristine Keller Downtown dating is like the root canal process—painful while you’re going through it but the end result leaves your sensory nerves feelin’ good. And sadly, there’s no quickie fix for that painful pearly white procedure. There is, on the other hand, [&hellip
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Time Management Strategies for Caregivers

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iStock_000015649896Medium By Carol Bradley Bursack Don’t let the title scare, you, folks. I’m not presenting a “system” here. Personally, I’ve never seen a chart or graph designed to help me organize my life that I didn’t intentionally ignore. “Systems” designed by experts never seems to consider my life or personality. They seemed like cardboard cutouts, made [&hellip
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Financial Planning Tips for Caregivers

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Worried mature couple using wireless technology By Mario Solitto Caregivers are often so focused on managing their parent’s health and financial needs that they don’t even think about their own future needs. Although your focus is on providing care for your loved one, it’s important to think about and prepare for your own future financial and caregiving needs. If you haven’t [&hellip
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