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Capitol Connection: Poison Pill with a Sugar Coating

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When Republicans in the New York State Assembly want to get noticed, they have to do something outrageous—someone once said that if they were to ride naked, on fire, on an elephant through the halls of the Legislature, they might get three seconds on TV. Let’s face it: there are three guys who call the [&hellip
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Now Is the Time to Govern

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Cuomo will whittle state budget to the bone By Alan S. Chartock The first thing the new governor has to do is to get the state’s fiscal house in order. That must happen immediately because in a year, the state’s election cycle will start all over and if Andrew Cuomo waits until then, it will [&hellip
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First Amendment at Stake

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Right-wingers’ inflaming dialogue, using issue for political gain By Alan Chartock Remember Nelson Mandela and his concept of “truth and reconciliation”? In politics, you never know what’ll catch fire. Right now, it’s the mosque near Ground Zero. If you listen to right-winging, Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino, the Ground Zero mosque is an affront to [&hellip
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