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Four of the Most Dangerous New York City Projects

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by Alissa Fleck Violence is on the rise in the City this summer and cops blame everything from heat waves to the recession to tensions caused by—the ultimate hot-button issue—stop-and-frisk (or would that be the impending soda ban?). Unfortunately, either way, the City’s housing projects seem to suffer most in times like these. While it’s [&hellip
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Mayor Stands By Stop and Frisk Policy, But Agrees It Could Be Amended

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by Adel Manoukian In a press conference yesterday morning at the First Baptist Church of Brownsville, Brooklyn, Mayor Bloomberg stood by the controversial Stop-and-Frisk policy that the NYPD so readily uses. Although Bloomberg agrees that people who are stopped and frisked by police deserve more respect and better treatment, the mayor stands by the argument [&hellip
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