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Brookfield Security Company Implements Zero Tolerance Policy for OWS at Zuccotti Park

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By Alissa Fleck Ever since OWS encampments were ejected from Zuccotti Park last fall, Brookfield Properties security company, in conjunction with the NYPD, has drawn up a set of rules aimed at stamping out any fledgling Occupy activity. These rules are “akin to being subjected to a TSA screening” for park patrons, reports Gothamist. Brookfield [&hellip
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Zuccotti Park Security Guard Plays Computer Games, Smashes Occupy Camera

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It’s just another day in the life of a Zuccotti Park security guard. The park, which remains under watch by security 24/7 since the dissolution of the Occupy encampment, is still witnessing acts of rebellion. A Brookfield Properties security guard was playing computer games in the park last night, until he realized he was being [&hellip
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