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Horace Mann: A Century of Quality Teaching in the Heart of the City

Written by Alan Krawitz on . Posted in Blackboard Awards

Horace Mann Outstanding Middle School As the head of the venerable Horace Mann School in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, Westchester county native and veteran educator Thomas Kelly admits that it’s all about the teaching. “Each and every moment that we are together is a teachable moment, one in which both students and teachers challenge each [&hellip
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Con Ed Guessed on a Bunch of Electricity Bills This Summer Based on Rudimentary Math

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Via Wiki Commons The New York Times is reporting Con Ed may have overcharged numerous electricity consumers this summer because of limited access to meters during the lockout. Many customers were charged more than ever despite, in some cases, being out of town for much of the summer. (by Alissa Fleck) At first, reports the Times, Con Ed [&hellip
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Four of the Most Dangerous New York City Projects

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by Alissa Fleck Violence is on the rise in the City this summer and cops blame everything from heat waves to the recession to tensions caused by—the ultimate hot-button issue—stop-and-frisk (or would that be the impending soda ban?). Unfortunately, either way, the City’s housing projects seem to suffer most in times like these. While it’s [&hellip
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Proposed Legislation Cracks Down on Reckless Driving

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NYC street. Photo by Andy C. Photo courtesy of Wikipimedia Commons. After a string of high profile fatal accidents, ten City Council members have introduced legislation reforming the NYPD’s approach to crash investigation and traffic regulation enforcement. The package of legislation announced on July 24th includes the Crash Investigation Reform Act, which creates a task force to inspect and restructure the NYPD’s crash investigation procedures. A [&hellip
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City Shooting Spikes and Heat Waves: Is There a Connection?

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Two are dead and six were wounded in shootings in the Bronx and Queens this past Sunday. These primarily drug-related shootings follow a long streak of summer violence, including a 3-year-old being struck with a stray bullet. The weekend following the Fourth of July saw seven deaths and 21 injuries from shootings and stabbing violence, [&hellip
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Activists Rally Bronx Residents to Fight Stop-and-Frisk

Written by Rebecca Harris on . Posted in Breaking News

Photo by longislandwins. Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons. Stop and Frisk has long divided New Yorkers who disagree over what constitutes appropriate policing strategies in the protection of city streets from violent crime. In some neighborhoods where these practices are nothing short of commonplace, activists are as fired up as ever in their efforts to reform local law enforcement.   The polarizing Stop [&hellip
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Bloomberg Downsizing on Automobile Speeds: 13 Nabes Approved For Traffic Calming So Far

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More than 100 neighborhoods around New York City have applied for “traffic calming measures,” according to a statement issued by Transportation Alternatives, after Mayor Bloomberg unveiled his new “slow zone” program. The Department of Transportation has so far granted 13 safe zones, which reduce the speed limit in designated neighborhood areas from 30 mph to [&hellip
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