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Natalie Lomonte Keeps Spider-Man in Step

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FE&FW-Spiderman By Angela Barbuti The first Broadway show Natalie Lomonte ever saw was The Phantom of the Opera. She was visiting New York for the first time with her mother’s dance studio. After purchasing last-minute tickets, they were seated in the 11th row, in the spot where the infamous chandelier comes crashing down on the audience. [&hellip
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“Rock of Ages” Fails to Rock at All

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Clearly no one was in a rockin’ mood this weekend. “Rock of Ages,” the musical adaptation starring Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Catherine Zeta-Jones, earned just $15 million over its opening weekend, the Huffington Post reports. It ranked behind “Prometheus” and even “Madagascar 3,” proving a star-studded cast can lose out to aliens and cuddly, [&hellip
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A ‘Smashing’ Star: Meet Megan Hilty

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The character Ivy Lynn on Smash, NBC’s new musical drama series, wants to be a star. Megan Hilty, the actress who plays her, already is. Having made her debut in Wicked a decade ago, the 31-year-old has also starred in 9 to 5 and just wrapped a role as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [&hellip
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Hard Work

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Doug Strassler on Matthew Broderick’s new Broadway offering Nice Work If You Can Get It Remember a few months ago that Honda commercial featuring Matthew Broderick retracing his steps as the iconic high school skipper Ferris Bueller? It’s not every day a fifty-year-old gets to play a young whippersnapper, especially in show biz. Kathleen Marshall’s [&hellip
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Rodriguez Re-hires “Terrorist” Staffer, Hours After Hiring Him Back

Written by Andrew J. Hawkins on . Posted in Politics

It’s been a revolving door-kind-0f-day for Council staffer David Segal. Hours after being re-hired by Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, Segal was handed a letter from his boss informing him that he had been fired again. Segal was canned by Rodriguez last week after the New York Post revealed that the 26-year-old was arrested seven years ago [&hellip
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Artist explores the ‘Lost and Found’ on the Upper West Side

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Upper West Sider Ner Beck, a graphic designer and photographer, is exhibiting his photographs of “Lost and Found West Side Street Art” at Morningside Heights Public Library, 2900 Broadway, 113th Street and Broadway, through May 12. His photos take everyday items, such as a painted fire hydrant, and turn them into a surprising piece of [&hellip
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Notes from the Neighborhood

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Changes Proposed to UWS Retail Rezoning Earlier this week, the Department of City Planning proposed several modifications to the Upper West Side retail rezoning plan that is currently making its way through the Uniform Land Use Review Process. The proposal will limit the frontages of banks and restrict other retail spaces along parts of Amsterdam, [&hellip
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Crime Watch: Five Tooth Discount

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Five Tooth Discount A loss prevention officer, an undercover officer on the lookout for suspicious people, had her hand bitten when she confronted a pair of female shoplifters at a retail clothing store on Broadway. One of the shoplifters pushed the officer down, while the other clamped down on her hand. They then fled the [&hellip
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New York Family: Parenting Tips of the Week

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*St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday for which you don’t need to be Irish to celebrate! See how much fun your brood can have at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum with leprechauns, traditions, food and arts & crafts, or take in NYC’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly and Irish-inspired meal, [&hellip
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