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‘Breaking Bad’ Season Five Premiere Breaks Records

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AMC continues to gain viewership and momentum Just a month after the conclusion of Mad Men’s most-watched season to date, AMC released that yesterday’s season 5 premiere of Breaking Bad, a show about a drug chef and his drug-dealing business, was the most-watched episode in the show’s history, marking “unprecedented growth” in viewership. According to the release, the [&hellip
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What to Watch This Week: Breaking Bad Returns

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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. Photo courtesy of AMC. BY Magdalena Burnham Monday – July 9   Eureka   The SmartDust control unit breaks, causing the town’s communication system to go haywire. The bio-printer vanishes and Holly is acting weird. That doesn’t sound that dramatic after last week’s episode brought up the possibility that the population of Eureka might be destroyed forever.  Airs at [&hellip
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Hottest Characters of Summer TV

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Character Diana Barrigan on White Collar. By Magdalena Burnham It’s pretty safe to associate the summer season with guilty pleasure TV. Sure, this season is giving us The Newsroom and the return of Breaking Bad, but a lot of summer TV is stuff like the Dallas reboot, that trashy reality dating show that’s also a parody of The Voice and Charlie [&hellip
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The Big C: Making Cancer Funny

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Never has television programming had such commitment issues as it does when concerning the issue of cancer, which, according to late comedienne Gilda Radner, is “the most unfunny thing in the world.” First, as I wrote about yesterday, Walt White’s cancer went into remission on Breaking Bad. Then, in the second season of The Big [&hellip
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