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Dying Breeds: Upper West Side Book Store Holds Out

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

Customer Richard Cline browses the shelves at Westsider Books. Bibliophiles keep Westsider Books open for business in a changing retail climate Westsider Books has the musty smell and sense of disarray that a used book store should have. Books pile high in every corner, even crowding the narrow staircase to the second floor. For owner Dorian Thornley, his store is the only game in [&hellip
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The Rise of the Book Trailer

Written by NY Press on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Picture 2 Will trailers replace literary reviews any time soon? If the book and movie industries have their way, they just might. By Ben Crompton A gangster is shot down by his best friend, bullets fly, and liters of animated blood spill on the pavement. Movie trailer? Nope. Video game? Guess again. At the end of the [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Most Reasonable Resolution? Learn to Bounce Back from Failure

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive, Uncategorized

Mark Baumer’s resolution was 50 shades of absurd…or was it? Mark Baumer, of Providence, RI, is a literary inspiration of sorts. Baumer wrote 50 books this past year, which is an impressive feat if only for his steadfast dedication to the task. It didn’t start out so straightforward though. Indeed, it started out with a [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: How to Visit a Bar Alone

Written by Meredith Russo on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

beer book Sometimes a lady just wants to enjoy a glass of wine, some candlelight, and a little ambient activity without the bother of making plans or, quite frankly, conversation. Unfortunately, ever since Eve solo-drank her first Appletini and damned us all, visiting even the coziest bar alone and unbothered has become nearly impossible. Until now. So [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Train Reading is Almost Too Sexy to Handle

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

joyce-746776 Alert the Mayor – it’s time for a new ban. Train reading has become way too sexy, according to my own “expert” analysis at least. The Protagonist interviewed several New Yorkers this week with the goal of better understanding the incredibly complex psychology behind the act of subway reading. Anticipating primarily tales of the embarrassment [&hellip
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Divine Compensation: Recovery and Abundance

Written by Gerry Gavin on . Posted in Arts & Film, Books

Law-of-Divine-3D-Book-cover Financial hardship is among the greatest stressors to our health that we can experience. This has been even more exacerbated by the current economic downturn that not only impacted jobs, homes, investments and retirement – it also left many people feeling anxious about their day to day lives and future prospects. We caught up with [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Amateur Writers and “Thirty Days and Nights of Literary Abandon”

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Books, Uncategorized

NaNoWriMo, which describes its rigorous program as “Thirty Days and Thirty Nights of Literary Abandon,” may sound like a carefree, hallucinogenic-fueled retreat for the literarily ambitious, but the group has more of a take-no-prisoners approach.   Mark Phair is a software developer and new father in Seattle, who dreams of days spent splitting his time [&hellip
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The Protagonist: “Incensed” Featuring Poet David Lehman

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

We often hear creative writers praise each other in and outside their own genres. They frequently shy away from direct, unforgiving critique, even refusing to publicly review any work they don’t admire. Leave that to career critics, they say. They’d rather politely commend other writers’ ingenuity, their…experimentation. Some might say: rightly so — the last [&hellip
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UES Prof’s Book on Obama’s Language of Inclusion

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in News Our Town, Our Town

Layout 1 Like many members of the engaged electorate, Upper East Side resident Ian Reifowitz has been listening closely to what President Barack Obama has been saying since he launched his run for office in 2007. But while others listen for content, Reifowitz has been analyzing the specific language choices the president has made, and he’s just [&hellip
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