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Tapped In: Election Woes, Pizza Delivery Rape Indictment, Krims Start Fund

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Barack Obama SANDY CAUSES ELECTION DAY WOES New Yorkers helped re-elect President Barack Obama, but not without some technical difficulties. The damages wrought on the city by Hurricane Sandy prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue an order allowing evacuated residents to vote at any poll site in the state by using affidavit ballots. Many sites [&hellip
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Board of Elections In Disarray As Election Day Approaches

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NYC Board of Elections Commissioner “J.C.” Polanco (via Twitter) With Election Day rapidly approaching, the devastation from Hurricane Sandy could have residual consequences that may alter the outcome of local and federal elections. With many polling sites still without power and thousands of residents displaced due to flooding and damage to their homes, the New York City Board of Elections has been scrambling to [&hellip
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June’s Primary, July’s News

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chrismoor Wrangling with Rangel, the elections board, redistricting and even voters Is it too late to complain about Rep. Charlie Rangel? Or the Board of Elections? Or the way people voted last month? I thought it was, given that the congressional primary election was held June 26. That night, we learned that Rangel had beaten back [&hellip
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Campaign Roundup: Billy Baldwin Says Brother Alec’s Chances of Running for Mayor Real

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Alec Baldwin. Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. Manhattan Despite the holiday, the Espaillat-Rangel race is still in full-tilt. The dispute at the Board of Elections harkens back to a past race. State Senate How competitive will this year’s state Senate elections really be? 2013 Mayoral Race Billy Baldwin says Alec Baldwin’s prospects of running for mayor are real. Eva Moskowitz (who’s not [&hellip
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Lancemen, in Blasting Wal-Mart, Indirectly Calls for Probe into Cuomo and Silver

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At a press conference yesterday, Democratic Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who is running for Congress in Queens, called on the Justice Department to “examine” politicians in New York “very, very closely” that have accepted donations from Wal-Mart. “We know they know of price of buying government favors in Mexico, and I think all of us are [&hellip
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Brewer Leads Hearing on Voting Snafus

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By Gavin Aronsen City Council members demanded answers from the city’s Board of Elections Monday, Oct. 4, regarding its handling of the Sept. 14 primary. New optical scan voting machines were debuted during that election, causing headaches for some voters. During the hearing, poll workers and public interest groups voiced their concerns about voter privacy, [&hellip
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