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Bloomberg Administration Looks to Reduce Brooklyn Off-Street Parking

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From City & State’s Heard Around Town: The Bloomberg administration is looking to cut in half the amount of parking required in downtown Brooklyn residential developments, an attempt to address a glut of off-street parking in the area and encourage more affordable housing. The Planning Department this afternoon is launching a public review of the [&hellip
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If Cab Fares Rise, Will Drivers Pay More Too?

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The Bloomberg administration is looking at raising faresfor yellow cabs, but Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky this afternoon declined to say whether the city would also consider a proposal to raise how much the taxi fleets can charge drivers. “We’re going to have a public hearing May 31,” Yassky told City & State before [&hellip
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Out on the Streets

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Some advocates and politicians say the City has turned its back on its homeless population, which had close to 40,000 people in the shelter system in Dec. 2011. PHOTO BY Patr icia voulgaris by Megan Bungeroth with additional reporting by Marissa Maier Homeless New Yorkers face new challenges in light of cutbacks It’s no shock that a still-struggling economy, an ever-more-expensive city and a continually burgeoning population have combined to produce record-high rates of homelessness in New York. What may shock some, however, is how difficult it is for the city to help its homeless [&hellip
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