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Ad Watch: A Look at the Political Commercials Vying to Win Over New York Voters

Written by City & State on . Posted in Politics

video-AdWatch-Turner Total election spending in the United States this year will reach an astronomical $9.8 billion for the 13,000 or so national, congressional and municipal races across the country, according to the research firm Borrell Associates. An estimated 48 percent of that money will be spent by “super PACs,” and the greatest beneficiary of this largesse [&hellip
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Bill O’Reilly’s Strange Days Are Over

Written by Chris Bragg on . Posted in Breaking News

With Joe Carvin’s departure from the race for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination, top consultant Bill O’Reilly’s strange couple of days are over. O’Reilly confirmed that with Carvin out of the race, he is now back doing press for Rep. Bob Turner, whose campaign for Congress was helped enormously by O’Reilly’s press work. But when [&hellip
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