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Letters to the Editor

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Gillibrand_1 Political Opportunist  To the Editor: Kirsten Gillibrand is a political hack and opportunist if ever there was one. (“Why Kirsten Gillibrand Could Have It All,” July 26). She shamelessly scouts for headlines to jump on and take what her handlers advise are “populist” positions. An example is Gillibrand jumping on the “Miracle in the Hudson” [&hellip
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Revenge on Wheels

Written by Sean Creamer on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town Downtown, News West Side Spirit, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

With bicycle thefts now common in NYC, one man set up a sting operation to recover his stolen bike by Sean Creamer Paul Panus’ story is one that begins like many bicycle thefts, with a nice bike and a cheap lock. After his bike was stolen, Panus, a 33-year-old IT project manager and skateboarding and cycling [&hellip
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Overhauled with Care

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overhaul8 The behind-the-scenes process of refurbishing a bicycle at Recycle-A-Bike Photos & Text by Veronica Hoglund As the weather continues to get warmer, there is no question that most of us will be spending our free time outdoors soon. With that in mind, now might be the perfect time to invest in the bicycle you know [&hellip
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Bike Damage

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To the Editor: Construction of protected bike lanes is scheduled to start April 2, and Upper East Side and Harlem small business owners are pretty worried about the negative impact they will have on their bottom line. Our West Side neighbors said, “Goodbye, Columbus Avenue” to their mom-and-pop stores and hello to the chain drugstores [&hellip
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More Bikes, Less Cars in Central Park

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in News Our Town, Our Town

A new shift is about to once again change the battling dynamic between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians traveling through Central Park. In the coming weeks, the Central Park Conservancy and the Department of Transportation will be jointly presenting a plan to community boards 7 (Upper West Side) and 8 (Upper East Side) outlining their plans [&hellip
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Crack-down on Traffic Dangers

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Here’s to posters and banners in every government office reminding legislators that their first Constitutional duty is to protect public safety, especially now, when they’re planning to cut budgets for police, fire fighting and the safest travel mode, public transit. Government evidently needs to learn that moving traffic violations are life and death matters. And [&hellip
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Bicyclists should be celebrating, now that Community Board 7 voted in favor of the Department of Transportation’s plan to install protected bicycle lanes on Columbus and Amsterdam avenues. Proponents say that protected lanes offer bicyclists a safe route, while pedestrians will see less bike-riding on the sidewalk. The extra lane would also break the street [&hellip
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Bikes Need Regulation

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To the Editor: Bette Dewing is to be applauded for the many years she has tried to right wrongs (Dewing Things Better, “The Right Kind of Light,” May 14). I am writing about the bike situation. I agree with Bette that, not only should bikers who go through red lights, against traffic and on the [&hellip
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