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NYC’s Bike Share Program Delayed

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Via Citi Bike By Paul Bisceglio Where are all the bikes? New Yorkers expected to see 7,000 more of them at this point in the summer, but now Citi Bike, the city’s new bike share program, has been delayed for unspecified reasons. Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirmed in a radio interview on Friday that the city was unsure of [&hellip
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Aisle of the Lost While shopping at a chain supermarket on Greenwich Street, a man from Washington State put his black Gucci money clip down as he was shopping. When he realized he no longer had the money clip at the checkout, he went to look for it, but it unfortunately didn’t turn up. Among [&hellip
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Changing Lanes

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The pedestrian-cyclist-driver saga is familiar to anyone living in Manhattan today. Pedestrians loathe bicyclists who break traffic laws. At public transportation meetings, some residents have called for bicyclists to get licenses, like drivers. Bicyclists, meanwhile, say they just want a safe place to ride, away from motorists, who in turn often see bikers as a [&hellip
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