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Not All Happy About Sharing with Bike Share

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Citi Bike Some downtown residents claim the newly installed CitiBike racks create hazards and hassle for their neighborhood By Helaina Hovitz Last week, 330 CitiBike stations were installed in Manhattan and Brooklyn, garnering a reaction from most Manhattanites that can essentially be boiled down to this: not on my block. Or, at least, not where it’s currently [&hellip
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Throwback Threads for Vintage Cycling Enthusiasts

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How Brits brought tweed back to New York City By Mike Vidafar Ted Young-Ing was just an ordinary British cyclist in 2009, when he became the new owner of a pair of plus fours (pants that extend four inches beyond the knee). He had no idea that by the end of that year, he would [&hellip
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Bike Damage

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To the Editor: Construction of protected bike lanes is scheduled to start April 2, and Upper East Side and Harlem small business owners are pretty worried about the negative impact they will have on their bottom line. Our West Side neighbors said, “Goodbye, Columbus Avenue” to their mom-and-pop stores and hello to the chain drugstores [&hellip
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More Bikes, Less Cars in Central Park

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A new shift is about to once again change the battling dynamic between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians traveling through Central Park. In the coming weeks, the Central Park Conservancy and the Department of Transportation will be jointly presenting a plan to community boards 7 (Upper West Side) and 8 (Upper East Side) outlining their plans [&hellip
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Bicyclists throughout the city have long complained about the painted sections dedicated to them. The lanes offer no protection from double parkers, pedestrians and motorists, who regularly drive through them, forcing bicyclists to veer into moving traffic. A bike lane on the Upper West Side is especially bad for bicyclists, according to a new study [&hellip
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