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Barcelona Calling

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Our Town Downtown

barcelona_pedrera Bar Jamón fills an important hole in the city’s Spanish landscape In most of the United States, if all you knew about Spain came from the Spanish restaurants in your town, you’d be laboring under the impression that everyone in Spain listens exclusively to folk music, uses too much paprika and hasn’t yet reached the [&hellip
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Bouquet of Eccentrics

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts Our Town Downtown, Arts West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

Whit Stillman’s ‘Damsels’ in the clouds “I like my characters to walk in clouds,” said the great comedy director Leo McCarey. “I like a little bit of the fairy tale.” That confession well describes the McCarey classics that execute a precarious balance between realism and fantasy—The Awful Truth, Make Way for Tomorrow, Love Affair, The [&hellip
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