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Tapped In: Election Woes, Pizza Delivery Rape Indictment, Krims Start Fund

Written by Paul Bisceglio on . Posted in Notes From the Neighborhood west side spirit, West Side Spirit

Barack Obama SANDY CAUSES ELECTION DAY WOES New Yorkers helped re-elect President Barack Obama, but not without some technical difficulties. The damages wrought on the city by Hurricane Sandy prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to issue an order allowing evacuated residents to vote at any poll site in the state by using affidavit ballots. Many sites [&hellip
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Take My Mandate, For Example. No Seriously, Take It.

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flickr-6685602103-original As soon as Fox commentators began throwing temper tantrums the networks and news outlets starting calling the presidential race for Obama last night, Republicans jumped in to assure us that while he may have won, he certainly shouldn’t take this as a sign that people wanted to him to win, or anything. Don’t get carried [&hellip
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Romney’s Mistaken Clinton Calculation

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CW website pic By Clyde Williams When I started this piece I found myself writing the same story everyone else has about the emergence of President Clinton as the star of the 2012 election cycle. His incredible Democratic convention speech made the arguments on behalf of President Obama better than the candidate himself – leaving pundits speechless and [&hellip
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The Underdog: An American Love Story

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underdog3 By Courtney Romano America loves the underdog story. We want to hear how out of the most improbable of circumstances rose the greatest of victors. This is an American story: to find glory in the dimmest chances. We see it play out in presidential politics, in the very founding of our country, in literature, music, [&hellip
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UES Prof’s Book on Obama’s Language of Inclusion

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Layout 1 Like many members of the engaged electorate, Upper East Side resident Ian Reifowitz has been listening closely to what President Barack Obama has been saying since he launched his run for office in 2007. But while others listen for content, Reifowitz has been analyzing the specific language choices the president has made, and he’s just [&hellip
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No Fire and Brimstone Ending

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alan by Alan Chartock Conservative predictions about gay marriage haven’t come true What was all the fuss about? Gays and lesbians wanted to marry. You’d have thought the world was going to explode. Nothing made for better news copy. Some evangelicals literally raised hell; we were Sodom and Gomorrah. God would punish us. Leviticus in the [&hellip
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Why Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Could Have It All (By 2016)

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Gillibrand in her Senate office in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Aaron Clamage) by Morgan Pehme Kirsten Gillibrand is currently enjoying a career trajectory comparable to only a select few American politicians in recent memory—the most notable of whom occupies a certain Oval Office she’s already being discussed as a viable contender for in 2016. Just a few years ago, such rumblings would have been unthinkable. When Gov. [&hellip
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We Love Lin, But At What Cost? Is The Legacy Worth the Paycheck?

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New Houston offer makes one New Yorker wonder if Lin, despite huge fan base, is worth it It’s a bit of an odd thing to begin with— Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” legacy. How often does 25 games started, one insane week, and post-season injuries and irrelevance constitute one of the most-talked-about monikers in all of sports? [&hellip
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Incumbent Rep. Charlie Rangel Links Himself to Obama on Primary Day

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Rep. Charlie Rangel, who voted today in the Democratic congressional primary, is facing a challenge from State Sen. Adriano Espaillat and three other candidates. (Jon Lentz) After navigating through a crowd of reporters and photographers to cast his primary vote in Harlem today, Congressman Charlie Rangel sought to link his campaign to President Barack Obama. From the ongoing fiscal crisis and income inequality to healthcare reform and the high number of young people going to prison, Rangel asserted he was the [&hellip
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Endorsement: Clyde Williams for Congress

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FW-Clyde Williams(as) Rep. Charles Rangel was once one of the most powerful men in Congress. He has a distinguished war record and a record of accomplishment over his 42 years in Congress. But two years ago, he admitted to serious “mistakes” and decided to give up his source of power, the position of chairman of the House [&hellip
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