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Don’t be Fooled by Deceptive Puppy Mills

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PET STORES MIGHT DISGUISE SAD ORIGIN OF CUTE POOCHES How many of us have walked past a New York City pet store and stopped to look at the adorable puppies playing in the window? Have you ever wondered where they come from? If you have no idea, you are not alone. According to a national [&hellip
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No Horsing Around this Time

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FW-Horse Carriage2(as)_1 Will the Central Park horses finally be outlawed? By Anam Baig and Sean Creamer Central Park’s horse-drawn carriages have been a traditional New York City tourist attraction since the 1930s, but animal rights activists have been pushing for years to close the stables, free the horses and find them a home outside the Big Apple. [&hellip
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Who Will Save Them?

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Politicians argue over best way to save beleaguered animal shelter system   Most elected officials and animal rights advocates agree that New York City’s public shelter system is desperately in need of reform. Shelters are grossly overcrowded and understaffed, the city spends only 10 percent of the Humane Society’s recommended $8 per capita on its [&hellip
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Henry Bergh wasn’t particularly interested in animals. But Bergh, who later went on to found the ASPCA, became involved with their protection because it was “simply the right thing to do.” Heritage of Care, by Dr. Stephen L. Zawistowski and Marion S. Lane (Praeger Publishers, $39.95) is more than a history of the ASPCA. The [&hellip
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