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Introducing The Darcy's: The Latest Export From the Great White North

Written by Amy Michelle Smith on . Posted in Arts & Film, Music, NY Press Exclusive

The-Darcys-006 If there were a guide book for creating a successful indie rock band, the first rule of thumb likely would read as such: “Whatever you do, do not attempt to cover the iconic bands of yesteryear, especially those which hold deeply nostalgic places in the hearts of music lovers around the world.” If this were [&hellip
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Original Copies

Written by Kate Prengel on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town Downtown, Museums, Our Town

orig Fu Baoshi adapts to revolution The title of The Metropolitan Museum’s new Chinese painting exhibit, Chinese Art in an Age of Revolution: Fu Baoshi (1904-1965), is misleading. The painter in question did live through the establishment of the Chinese Republic, the Sino-Japanese wars and the rise of the Communist party, but Fu is far more [&hellip
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Karma Komix

Written by Renfreu Neff on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit, Museums, Our Town, West Side Spirit

komix Visitors entering the lobby of the Rubin Museum of Art are welcomed with soothing Eastern music played by live performers nestled in the curved foot of an elegant spiral staircase—the building is itself a landmarked structure created by the noted French architectural designer Andrée Putman for Barney’s, its previous incarnation—that rises six levels through galleries [&hellip
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City Arts: Turning Journalism Into Art

Written by City Arts on . Posted in Arts & Film, Museums

djuna We may have been reading the wrong thing all along. Blame it on T.S. Eliot, who proclaimed Djuna Barnes’ stylistically avant-garde Nightwood equal to great Elizabethan tragedy—the novel was canonized by many in lesbian literature as a breakthrough: a lightly disguised version of Barnes’ breakup with her female lover. You can’t argue with those folks. [&hellip
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Artist Runs Homegrown Art School for All Ages

Written by Sean Creamer on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

FW-Rebecca Schweiger Art Studio NY(as) Creativity is a facet of humanity that can be expressed in a multitude of venues. Some people make music, others make sculptures; Rebecca Schweiger, founder and director of The Art Studio NY, found her creative spark through painting and instilling the idea that everyone has an artist within themselves waiting to be found. The Art [&hellip
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Tiresome Threesome

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit, Film, Our Town, West Side Spirit

08_Film-ThisMeansWar_1 In the stultifying Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, British actor Tom Hardy briefly appeared in a romantic subplot as a heartbroken, repentant operative who laments all the impenetrable death and subterfuge simply because it cost him the woman he loved. For a few fleeting moments, Hardy’s alert eyes, sensual lips and magnetic ruddiness broke through film’s [&hellip
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From Black Panther to Columbia Lion

Written by Our Town on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town, Arts West Side Spirit, Books, News Our Town, News West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Black History-Jamal Joseph Jamal Joseph attended a protest in Harlem the night Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Though the protest was mostly peaceful, looting and rioting broke out. Cops began clubbing and shooting at the protesters, making no differentiation between looters and those simply shouting phrases like “The King is dead.” The police chased Joseph, a [&hellip
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Park Avenue's Secret Downtown Venue

Written by admin on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town Downtown, Music, Our Town Downtown

Philip Glass, Tune-In Music Festival2 For an uptown venue, the Park Avenue Armory has plenty of downtown spirit. “Our sense is really contemporary and cutting edge, and in this historic building it seems to work really well,” said Rebecca Robertson, the president and executive producer of the space, located at 643 Park Ave., between 66th and 67th streets. She’s discussing [&hellip
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