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Theater Brings Possibility to Local Teens

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Photo by Christopher Smith With NYC afterschool programs continuously cut , the Possibility Project brings relief to struggling students through the performing arts By Helaina Hovitz It’s a brisk Saturday morning in April, and a group of inner city students are rehearsing a musical of their own making at East Side Community High School on 12th Street and 1st [&hellip
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Manhattan Three-fer

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Amy Roper Lyons jewelry CRAFTS, ART FAIR AND OFF THE MAIN IN NYC By  GREGORY SOLMAN Roosters never sleep—especially if they’re the colorful, kinetic steel cocks-of-the-walk sculpted by Fredrick Prescott. “I used to show at Art Expo, but this show is different,” says Prescott, who tells CityArts that the two-ton wild animal sculptures sent from his two-and-a-half-acre Santa Fe studio to Manhattan, [&hellip
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Asner’s Still Having Fun, This Time on Broadway

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GraceCort Theatre By Angela Barbuti Ed Asner is still acting in his eighties. But his quick wit and unique outlook on life make him able to transcend the age gap. An entertainer for all generations, he has played endearing roles for the younger set such as Santa Claus in Elf and Carl in Up. But others will [&hellip
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Legendary Russian Dancers Featured In “Treasures Of The Russian Ballet”

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legacy Bolshoi and Kirov vitality preserved  Legendary Russian dancers show why they are legends in the new DVD Treasures of the Russian Ballet (ICA Classics/Naxos). It contains performances by Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet and (then) Leningrad’s Kirov filmed by the BBC in London from 1956 to 1963, some on stage, some in the television studio. The longest excerpt in [&hellip
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All Along the Lines

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Alonzo_King Alonzo King’s Ballet at the Joyce BY VALERIE GLADSTONE When Alonzo King established LINES Ballet in 1982 in San Francisco, few believed he could maintain a new company in the city where the San Francisco Ballet had long captured the area’s ballet audience. Moreover, King did not conform to the typical ballet artistic director—he grew up [&hellip
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Notes from the Neighborhood

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Wellness for Seniors The elder support organization DOROT offers inexpensive wellness classes for seniors on the Upper West Side. This May and June, they will be holding regular sessions as well as one-time workshops to promote mental and physical health. On Tuesdays from 10–11 a.m., a licensed social worker facilitates a group chat to discuss [&hellip
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Death Be Not Loud

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dubuque2 A new revival of Albee’s forgotten The Lady from Dubuque sheds light on the darkest of topics In his signature work, Edward Albee asked “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” In The Lady from Dubuque, which Signature is reviving following an abortive 1980 New York run, the playwright opens his show with the question “Who am [&hellip
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Introducing The Darcy’s: The Latest Export From the Great White North

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If there were a guide book for creating a successful indie rock band, the first rule of thumb likely would read as such: “Whatever you do, do not attempt to cover the iconic bands of yesteryear, especially those which hold deeply nostalgic places in the hearts of music lovers around the world.” If this were [&hellip
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