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City Week: November 6 – November 10, 2010

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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Dissident Arts Festival—Progressive artists speak out for social justice in the fifth annual festival. Nov. 6, The Brecht Forum, 451 West St., 212-242-4201; 3 p.m., $6+. Coleridge and Patti Smith—Patti Smith’s eighth concert at the Metropolitan Museum devotes a program to the world of Khubilai Khan and the poetry of Samuel Taylor [&hellip
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Go Toward the White Light

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Lincoln Center’s Jane Moss has a solution for modern life By Corinne Ramey “What struck me quite forcefully was the state of people’s attention in the time in which we live,” said Jane Moss, Lincoln Center’s vice president for programming. “With the explosion of technology, what we see increasingly is a kind of ADD out [&hellip
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