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Revitalization vs. Preservation In The Village

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Richard Blodgett, president of the Charlton Street Block Association, stands in front of a gutted building on Sullivan Street in the Village. The adjacent building in the complex was designed in 1853 by Calvert Vox, a co-designer of Central Park, explained Blodgett. He knows the building in front of him will soon be transformed into [&hellip
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Local Architect Has ‘Vine Line’ Vision for West Side Highway

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By Shannon Ayala Laurence Tamaccio lives near the West Side Highway, the part that exposes its aged, rusty underbelly and concrete legs, held high above Riverside Park South. In his view, it’s an eyesore—and he wants to cover it with vines and waterfalls. “Seeing it on a daily basis, it started to sort of wear [&hellip
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Students’ Vision Will Shape New MLK Campus Plaza

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Walking by the Martin Luther King High School campus, it’s hard to tell that there are actually six different theme-based high schools housed in the same complex, at 122 Amsterdam Ave. and West 66th Street. In its current dilapidated condition, not many people use the plaza outside the building, but faculty and students of Manhattan [&hellip
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