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Could You Live Here? As City Pushes For Smaller Apts, We Look at Life 300-sq.-ft. and Below

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MAYORS_OFFICE_7536482698_5 copy City is pushing for even smaller apartments Manhattan residents pride themselves on their creative uses of space. Using the oven for storage is an amateur move compared to the ingenuity of how some people make their tiny spaces work; lofted beds have become de rigueur. But Mayor Michael Bloomberg is planning on pushing New Yorkers’ [&hellip
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City Holds Contest, Wants to Cram More New Yorkers Into Tiny Spaces

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Remember Geico’s reality show spoof commercial “Tiny House”? It may be turning into even more of a reality for solitary New Yorkers who could find themselves living a little more like Alice in Wonderland after imbibing the growing potion. Or, the City could simply be updating itself to resemble living situations in comparable cities worldwide. [&hellip
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Smoking Mad About the Neighbors

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Bloomberg takes his anti-cigarette campaign right into your co-op Their selfishness literally seeps through the vents into our apartments. Oh, sure, I believe people have a legal right to smoke in their homes—if they keep their smoke within the confines of their apartments. That rarely happens. So let’s think about a great big new in-the-apartment [&hellip
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Rents In Flux

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During the final months of 2008, Upper West Side rents were high and there were a limited number of available apartments. Broker Rachel Erlich frequently saw owners tell prospective tenants with concerns to take it or leave it. Erlich, with 18 years in the real estate industry, now sees a different environment for renters. “Business [&hellip
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Rents are dropping steadily and landlords no longer have the last word—being a renter has never been so sweet. Best of all, it may stay that way for a while, so if you’ve been considering the move to Brooklyn, you may find that West 79th Street one-bedroom well within arm’s reach
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