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Armond White: The Prophecy of Evita

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts & Film, Arts Our Town Downtown

Webber and Rice’s Celebrity Expose Evita is back–and at the right time, too. Celebrity worship wasn’t like it is now when Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice debuted Evita in 1975 as a concept album featuring Julie Covington of Rock Follies fame. There was no irony–or subservience–in their original idea of exploring the dubious sanctity [&hellip
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Where’s the Fire? The first Broadway revival of Evita is only medium flying adored

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

“A backstreet girl” is how Evita describes the ambitious Eva Duarte Peron, the ambitious actress who clawed her way from poverty to celebrity as the wife of Argentine dictator Juan Peron and, ultimately, to either immortality or infamy, based on which side of fence this polarizing figure put you on. Her legend was considerably abetted [&hellip
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They Do Know How to Love Them

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

A new Jesus Christ Superstar revival lathers on the Tim Rice-Andrew Lloyd Webber love By Doug Strassler Jesus Christ Superstar the show holds a godlike stature almost as ranking almost as high as the deity it portrays. Its status as an early ancestor of the rock opera – ancestors include The Who’s Tommy, Rent and [&hellip
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