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The Governor’s Speech

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By Alan S. Chartock Did you see The King’s Speech, starring Colin Firth? I loved that movie, which told the story of how King George VI, the present Queen Elizabeth’s father, overcame a stutter by going to an eccentric speech pathologist. I understand there may be a sequel in the offing called The New York [&hellip
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No Mega-Millions, But Funds Unclaimed for New York Politicians

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With tax season bearing down, many New Yorkers are dive-bombing into their couch cushions for spare change and waiting anxiously for government refunds to help make ends meet. Not so for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who are some of dozens of other top officials with cash sitting in [&hellip
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City & State: Heard Around Town, April 5, 2012

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*  On Fred Dicker‘s radio show yesterday former Gov. David Paterson defended Gov. Andrew Cuomoagainst charges his administration lacks transparency, saying that criticism of the all-night Albany session that led to the passage of the pension plan (among other things) was unstudied, and ignores the messy realities of policy-making. Paterson underscored the point with a [&hellip
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A History of Bad Bets

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By Andrew Hawkins Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature may be banking on legalized casinos to help buoy the state’s economy, but history suggests the industry attracts corruption and scandal just as much as jobs and development. “NYPIRG does not have a position on casino gambling, but we feel that the history of corruption on [&hellip
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City & State: Gold Rush

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With billions at stake among tough competitors, the only sure winners are lobbyists To a certain kind of operator, New York is filled with rich deposits of gold. From upstate mountains to western farmlands to city streets, the state is dappled with places ideal for extracting that gold from other people’s pockets and putting it [&hellip
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Winners & Losers: March 30, 2012

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The state got an early budget, Lew Fidler found some more votes and Andrew Cuomo’s secret Miami vacation was exposed — until it wasn’t. It was a week of hoodie protests, empty mansions and dog waste underfoot. In other words, your standard week for New York politics. Here’s who’s up and who’s down. WINNERS Andrew [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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NeighborhoodChatter LOWER EAST SIDE SILVER PROPOSES GUN BUY-BACKS AT RUTGERS HOUSE In response to increased gun violence in the Lower East Side over recent months, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wrote a letter to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly recently, asking for their support in a plan to reduce gun violence. Silver’s plan is to rally the DA’s office and NYPD [&hellip
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Cuomo’s Victories a Shell Game

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by Alan S. Chartock Think of it this way: Democracy is hard to do. To achieve true democracy, you need to have an educated electorate. If citizens don’t know what their public officials are up to, they can’t make intelligent choices. In fact, they can be led around like donkeys. When that happens, public officials can [&hellip
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Redistricting Plan a Game of Mirrors

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Liz Krueger, Senator- D (NY) “Only a nonpartisan solution accurately reflects the voting publc,” – Liz Krueger by Liz Krueger Two years ago, I committed to vote against any redistricting plan unless it was developed through a nonpartisan redistricting process. I stand by that commitment, and not just because our current process is flawed. Not surprisingly, both houses’ majority parties [&hellip
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