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New smoking concerns for kids in Lower Manhattan

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05-03-SV.indd Anti-smoking groups worried about youth-targeted advertisements By Courtney M. Holbrook A slim, pale woman puffs away on a cigarette. A cloud of smoke rises from perfect red lips beneath a sign—“Marlboro Menthols, $10.75.” A bright window advertises candy, snack food and soda brands. Wrapped around the display in bright green foil, white block letters read [&hellip
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On Topic: Youth-Targeted Tobacco Marketing Must Stop

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How cigarette companies are marketing to children in downtown neighborhoods I took my first puff of a cigarette at 8 years old. I wanted to be cool and macho and fit in with the neighborhood kids. Access to cigarettes was easy; I looked no further than my local corner market. In those days, the cigarettes [&hellip
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