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Viewpoint – Go Ahead: Blame The Bicycles

Written by Kyle Pope on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Arts Our Town Downtown, Arts West Side Spirit

Who’s right: the pedestrians or the bicylists? In the wake of a recent death in Central Park, the result of a collision between a walker and a cyclist, the question has centered on who is responsible for preventing such accidents. The answer isn’t even close. Last month, I’m proud to say, I ran my fifth [&hellip
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Sandy’s Victims Still Need Help; Traffic Tragedies Can Still Be Avoided

Written by Bette Dewing on . Posted in Dewing Things Better, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Bette Dewing “Together we can change the face of our culture” was the subtitle chosen by editor Allen Houston for my previous column. Allen, who left this company shortly after that, chose a lot of good headlines in his two-plus years editing the paper, and we thank him and wish him great success in his new workplace. [&hellip
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