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Protecting Reproductive Choice: It’s a New York City Issue Too

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marc-landis-fb By Marc Landis In New York City, many people assume that the battle for reproductive choice takes place in “flyover states”—and certainly not in our own backyard! Yet these assumptions were proven incorrect again just a few days ago. Last week, the Daily News reported on the closing of a surgical center in Sunset Park, [&hellip
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@BYTES1GHz Tech: Nerds Find Cure For Down’s Syndrome; Abort Fetus

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happy-couple-sonogram According to movies and television it is a scientific fact that Nerds have long been plagued with debilitating social diseases such as acne, braces, limp wrist, four-eyes, and polio. But now the Wizards over at the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington have crafted a method of casting the Sequence Genome spell [&hellip
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The Woman Behind Subway Abortion Ads

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The “Abortion Changes You” campaign, running since early March, has added a little controversy to straphangers’ commutes, with New York Times columnist Susan Dominus calling the effort “propaganda masquerading as therapy.” The ads, which feature a serious young woman and direct viewers to a website (, are the work of Michaelene Fredenburg, a Wisconsin-born mother [&hellip
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