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Without a Permanent Home, Paul Bisceglio Finds a Sense of Place in NYC

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When I handed my girlfriend her apartment keys at her office, I remembered the paper directions sitting back on her bed. She was late for an Aikido class. I had 12 more miles to bike to Astoria. “Well,” I said, staring at the potholes up Brooklyn’s Third Avenue, “I guess I’ll just wing it.” I [&hellip
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Elianna Greenberg Says You Can Find Anything in NYC as Long as You Look Past the Grime

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by Elianna Greenberg People like to say that you can find anything you need in New York. I have learned that you can find everything you need—except someone who binds 11-by-14-inch graphic design novels. It was the last day of my sophomore year graphic design class at Parsons and, insane perfectionist that I am, I [&hellip
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8 Million Stories: When a man loves a bike

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By Adam Garrett-Clark You don’t know me, and you don’t know my bike, but the story of my bike and me is too beautiful not to be told. It’s a story of defying expert advice, of loyalty to inanimate steel and of creating my own personal mythology. It was probably once blood was drawn and [&hellip
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8 Million Stories: How Deborah Fenker knows the boy next door

Written by Deborah Fenker on . Posted in On Topic OTDT, Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit

Remaining friendly with my ex-boyfriends has always been my M.O. Recently, however, I realized that this may have had more than a little to do with the fact that the post-breakup has historically found me and my ex on separate continents—or at least opposite coasts. More recently, I thought the distance from Chelsea to Brooklyn would [&hellip
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8MS: What RACHEL KHONA Learned from Pam Anderson

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I’ve always found Pamela Anderson a creature of strange fascination. No, it’s not because I am a lesbian or because I have a large plastic boob fetish, much as my childhood Barbie collection might dictate otherwise. It’s not even because she was married to Tommy Lee, on whom I have an undying crush despite his [&hellip
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Rachel Khona finds her personal cherry bomb in the form of a Stella McCartney heel

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It could be said that most people who move to New York do so for some greater purpose. Perhaps they fantasize about becoming a billionaire stockbroker and scoring a trophy wife, becoming the next Gisele Bündchen or simply achieving world domination. I came as many others before me did: to work in fashion
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