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The Protagonist: Train Reading is Almost Too Sexy to Handle

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

joyce-746776 Alert the Mayor – it’s time for a new ban. Train reading has become way too sexy, according to my own “expert” analysis at least. The Protagonist interviewed several New Yorkers this week with the goal of better understanding the incredibly complex psychology behind the act of subway reading. Anticipating primarily tales of the embarrassment [&hellip
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New York Family: Made in the Shade

Written by New York Family on . Posted in Family

Why they call it ‘Mommy Porn’ By A. C. Mayman I first heard about THE BOOK, very fittingly it turned out, during a mommies-only parenting class. A beautiful but shy lawyer looked at the floor, turned fifty shades of red, and said, “It’s almost like … porn.” My Kindle was out of my bag and [&hellip
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