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Second Avenue Ghost Town

Written by Joanna Fantozzi on . Posted in News Our Town, Our Town

2nd Ave Businesses struggle to stay open – and many have closed – amid the subway construction taking over the avenue For Upper East Side residents, 2nd Avenue is the warzone in their backyard. Sidewalks diminished or closed altogether, chain link fences block storefront views, and of course the incessant drilling and humming of construction work. For [&hellip
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MTA Apologizes for Upper East Side Explosion

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town

Yesterday afternoon, what was supposed to be a controlled blast underground blew rocks and debris in the street on East 72nd Street and Second Avenue, terrifying residents and damaging a storefront. The explosion occurred as part of the Second Avenue Subway construction, and today MTA officials said that they’re putting a moratorium on all work [&hellip
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2012 OTTY Awards: A Light That Shines on 86th Street

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By Paulette Safdieh Upper East Sider Elaine Walsh remembers the East 86th Street corridor when trains chugged along the Third Avenue El, long before 2nd Avenue Subway construction began. Born and raised on 86th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues, Walsh committed herself to giving back to the neighborhood from a young age. Today, Walsh [&hellip
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