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Top Ten EPs of 2012

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Top-Ten-EPs-of-2012600 By Ben Kessler The Best in Order of Preference 1. “Late,” Florrie 2. “Super Ultra,” Charli XCX 3. “Cold Summer,” CJ Hilton 4. “Warrior,” Queen of Hearts 5. “Skitszo Pt. 1,” Colette Carr 6. “Iconic,” Icona Pop 7. “True,” Solange 8. “Cityswitch,” SRH 9. “Ghost,” Sky Ferreira 10. “Against the Wall,” Kat Graham The release [&hellip
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Romney’s Mistaken Clinton Calculation

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CW website pic By Clyde Williams When I started this piece I found myself writing the same story everyone else has about the emergence of President Clinton as the star of the 2012 election cycle. His incredible Democratic convention speech made the arguments on behalf of President Obama better than the candidate himself – leaving pundits speechless and [&hellip
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Literal Sensory Deprivation

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For all the elaborate apocalyptic imagery in Roland Emmerich’s latest F/X marathon 2012, there’s not a single witty or memorable sight. Not much story either: U.S. geologist (Chiwetel Ejiofore) discovers that the Earth’s crust is shifting due to enormous solar flare eruptions. Neutrinos heat up the Earth’s core “like a microwave,” which gives Emmerich’s CGI [&hellip
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