Sympathy for the East Side

Written by West Side Spirit on . Posted in News West Side Spirit.


Voices_lead letter pho_fmtWe gave Mayor de Blasio a “C” for the Upper East Side’s neighborhood report card; one West Sider concurs that his neighbors across the park have gotten short shrift

I’m a life-long Westsider but I’d have to concur with several criticisms of De Blasio’s attitudes toward the Upper East Side. It’s not all Gucci and Chanel over there. Areas around York Ave and First Avenue are inhabited by people that aren’t the mega-rich. And north of 96th Street I think de Blasio would find to be quite different than the rest of the Upper East Side. Why support a garbage transfer station on East 91st Street? It’s near schools and Asphalt Green. If he’s serious about traffic safety why not add speed bumps to certain locations (at least) throughout the city and actually enforce speed limits as well. Lower parking ticket amounts and drastically increase amounts for speeding, running red lights, and other dangerous violations.

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