Sunday Barbecue at Pete’s Candy Store

Written by Linnea Covington on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Posts.

Last weekend Pete’s Candy Store opened up their grill for another year of Sunday barbecuing. Despite the scattered downpours this past weekend, when I got to Pete’s there were a fair number of people waiting for the grilled fare. Forgoing the vegetarian option, I ordered a juicy beef burger with cheese (make sure you ask for it) and piled my bun with pickles, mustard and tomato. For a side there’s giant bowl of mixed greens and a light dressing.

The burger was small but delicious and I found that paired with the Sunday $2 pint of Yuengling special one burger was enough. One of my friends disagreed and quickly consumed two of the succulent patties. Buy a ticket from the bar and choose from a combo of a hamburger or two Boar’s Head hot dogs for $6 or a hamburger and hot dog for $7. A good place to chill out on Sunday afternoon between 5 and 9 pm, especially if you’re craving barbecue but don’t have the luxury of your own backyard.