After a long, pent-up winter, this summer in New York is already shaping up to be particularly glorious.

Temperatures, finally, have cracked the 80-degree mark, sending New Yorkers of all stripes scrambling to find ways to enjoy the sunshine. This year’s Summer Guide provides the answers.

For the last several months, researcher Mary Newman has scoured Manhattan for tips on everything from outdoor movies and interesting road trips to a laundromat where you can enjoy drinks and grilled-cheese sandwiches while waiting for your clothes to dry.

We’ve organized this year’s guide by topic, and hope we’ve provided a mix of old favorites (that you may have forgotten) and new ideas worth a try. To help you scan the list quickly, check out the icons running across the bottom of each item letting you know whether it’s kid-friendly, outdoorsy, outside of New York, etc.

In a city like ours, any such list can, of course, only be a start. Contact us at for your ideas. But we think we’ve given you a great place to begin.

So now get outside, and enjoy.

Kyle Pope

Editor in Chief