Stuyvesant Students Take On Dark Lord

Written by Kari Milchman on . Posted in Education, Posts.

The New York Sun ran a mildly interesting article on the
students of Stuyvesant High School yesterday. Yes, that’s the same
education facility that brought you the cuddle puddle.
No, this feature isn’t nearly as scary. Apparently, these
better-than-average teens returned to school this year to find their
principal, Stanley Teitel, transformed into Lord Voldemort—the
nose-less bad guy from Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, it seems Stuyvesant students haven’t read J.K. Rowling’s
series, because the changes Principal Teitel has implemented are more
in line with Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge’s fascist ways than old
Voldemort. Yeah, I read Harry Potter, what of it? Apparently, students
are “rebelling” against security measures
taken since 9/11, including a scanning system that tracks them when
they enter the building and leave for lunch, identification cards for
teachers (and possibly for students in the near future), and a new
locker system that students fear administrators can peek into at any
time—we’re not sure how that’s anything new. This breach of freedom, as
one student referred to it, inspired the website, run anonymously by a couple of eyewitnesses.

According to The New York Sun, Teitel said he had heard of the
site but not visited it and wasn’t too concerned with its rising
membership, noting that signing up is easy and free. “If it cost them
something—well, then I might begin to think about something,” he said.
Oh but Mr. Teitel, ain’t that the beauty of the Internet?