Split in Jewish Satmar Community Helped Velazquez Win

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Nydia Velazquez should thank the Aronite faction of Williamsburg’s vote-rich Satmar religious sect for fending off a strong challenge from Councilman Erik Dilan in yesterday’s primary, according to Velazquez supporters.

The south Williamsburg Satmar Jewish community is split between two rival brothers, Zalman Teitelbaum and Aaron Teitelbaum — who control the community’s Zalmanite and Aronite factions. The brothers have been at odds for years over control of the Satmar empire, previously led by their father, Grand Rebbe Moses Teitelbaumm and even got into a war this year over control of upstate Hasidic summer camps, which oddly played into the congressional race.

The Zalmanite faction, which is larger and has asserted greater political power in the past, has been affiliated with Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez, who was supporting Dilan. But the Aronite faction appeared to show new political strength this election, according to its leaders, though Dilan appears to have won the overall vote among Satmars. Velaquez’s campaign estimated a 60-40 split in favor of Dilan.

Still, Aronite leaders say that yesterday’s turnout was a benchmark for their community.

“We turned out a huge block vote for Nydia,” said Gary Schlesinger, executive board chairman of UJCare, an Aronite social services group.

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  • Bob Mac

    These separatist communities should really adopt the
    American values, like the “melting
    pot” idea, and make some effort at becoming Americans; they’re not out on
    the Shtetl anymore. Also, they should learn to enjoy the personal liberty our
    forefathers fought and died to establish as our American heritage. Orthodox
    Jews traditionally live under the Talmudic law and within a system of
    rabbinical tyranny, which can at best be described as medieval. If they are
    going to vote, and vote as a block, they should adopt our culture more
    sincerely. Talmidic Judaism is anything but democratic. This goes for all
    foreign populations, Muslim and other, but somehow the Jews manage to keep out
    of the limelight, unless violent crimes like arson, bombing, kidnapping, and
    sexual abuse of children arise. In the past they have managed to keep their
    dirty linen under the covers. Americans have recently voiced concern over
    shariah law, and that is yet another case of for unassimilated foreigners
    needing some help to integrate better. Such populations shouldn’t be allowed to vote in the first
    generation if they won’t assimilate. They even send their children to special
    schools (shul) where they are taught this alien law (Talmud), and in a foreign
    language (Hebrew), at that. What if the Italians, Greeks, and Irish had all raised
    and educated their children this way? Would they have made their terrific
    contributions they have? Could the Kennedys have accomplished and contributed
    as they did if they grew up speaking Gaelic and practicing such apartheid as
    Orthodox Jews do?

    • Боря Бармалейкин

      These sweeping statements just show how ignorant and stupid you are. If you think that secularism is a boon to the world, look around and check what and who caused the majority of bloodiest conflicts in the last 100 years.
      The Orthodox “medieval” system is full of holes but in the end it produces relatively good results, even here in America where intellectual standards are extremely low and most people know neither math nor geography. Learning Talmud is both a very demanding and very enjoyable pursuit, not everybody is suitable for it but it is not the ignorant likes of you who will have a say in it. From the way you write (check the meaning of “apartheid” in the dictionary and see whether it does not apply to you narrow-minded personality) it is certain that you even ark at Darwin or Mendel, if you had a chance.

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