Spitzer Moves On Upstate Economy

Written by John DeSio on . Posted in Business, Posts.

One of the major criticisms of Governor Eliot Spitzer so far has been his failure to move on fixing the very troubled upstate economy.

Today, Spitzer announced that the Office for Small Cities
and Empire State Development (ESD) will provide more than $1.1 million in
economic development aid to help businesses in Schenectady,
St. Lawrence and Wayne
create and
retain 159 jobs across three businesses. Spitzer noted that the funding will help local businesses provide health
care and other benefits, upgrade facilities and equipment, and invest in
workforce training.

The Office for Small Cities,
a subsidiary of the New York Housing Trust Fund Corporation, will also leverage
$26 million in additional funding from a variety of public and private sources
to help fund these projects.

“When working to revitalize the upstate economy, reviving struggling small
cities across New York
must be one of our top priorities,” said Governor Spitzer. “Today’s
announcement shows that we are making progress toward this goal. These grants
hold the promise of new, good-paying jobs, which means more New Yorkers will
have a secure economic future.”

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