Speed Read through 2011

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The Empty Family By Colm Tibn, Out January Toibn returns to the short story form and to his native Ireland in this latest collection about abusive priests, repressed lovers and absentee sons returning home.
To Sound in the Know: His Brooklyn won the Costa Award, a prize for high literary merit books that are also enjoyable to read.

The Lover’s Dictionary: A Novel By David Levithan, Out January A love story told in dictionary entries. It’s actually much more fun than it sounds.
To Sound in the Know: Levithan started years ago writing for the Sweet Valley High series. He totally knows Jessica Wakefield.

The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore By Benjamin Hale, Out February The memoirs of a chimp who can speak and who has also committed murder, falls in love with his doctor at a research institute, runs away to New York, performs Shakespeare, etc.
To Sound in the Know: Hale’s also a trompe l’oeil painter.

Swamplandia! By Karen Russell, Out February A 12-year-old alligator wrestler ventures out into the Florida swamplands in search of her lost sister, who has run off with someone named Louis Thanksgiving.
To Sound in the Know: One of The New Yorker’s "20 Under 40," this Washington Heights resident once worked as a vet tech.

My New American Life By Francine Prose, Out April In the aftermath of 9/11, a young Albanian woman living in New York with a tourist visa that is about to expire, gets hired to look after a rebellious teen in suburban New Jersey.
To Sound in the Know: Prose was born in Brooklyn, making her a rare breeda writer actually from the borough, and not one that just moved there to linger around BookCourt.

The Pale King By David Foster Wallace, Out April Wallace’s unfinished novel centers around a Midwestern IRS Office and includes a character named David Wallace.
To Sound in the Know: Five excerpts from the book have appeared in print,ut it should be nice to have all of these things in the same place.

The Tragedy of Arthur: A Novel By Arthur Phillips, Out April Brooklyn-based author Arthur Phillips has written an intro to a recently discovered new play by Shakespeare. Or at least, that’s the premise of this novel. Unless it’s real, in which case holy crap! New Shakespeare!
To Sound in the Know: His last novel is being adapted into a movie musical.